I am thinking of having an outdoor sunset ceremony. In winter. Yeah I know.

Have always loved this idea but obviously didn’t think it was possible having a winter wedding, not to mention the cost of teepees being ridiculous. I just found out that my venue has a beautiful walled garden though, so it inspired me to rethink. My idea is to get a very large and very thing sheet of clear waterproof plastic (the flexible fabric-like stuff) and attach it to a sheer sheet of silk or similar and then attach it to the walls so that it forms a large tent like room, and from the underneath only the linen is visible. I am then thinking of getting some fairy lights and putting them on the upside of the linen roof so that they’re visible but blurred. I was then thinking of putting a few heaters in, and making a huge campfire for guests to sit around (or possibly a few campfires). I’d have blankets around to give it a cosy feel and keep people warm, and have tea and hot chocolate being served. I’d put candles everywhere so that the lighting was beautiful and I think that as the sun is setting it really would be lovely. Of course, I’d warn people beforehand to wrap up warm! I’m going to view the venue again on the 9th so I’ll decide for sure then.

Canvas  by  andbamnan